Applying for a Grant

Ujima Friends intergenerational sewing project

Please read the Application for a Grant Guidelines and Grant Reporting Guidelines, as well as “About Us” to better understand the Friends Foundation for the Aging and whether there is a good fit.   All grantees must be IRS Section 501(c)(3) organizations, categorized as public charities. First priority is given to Quaker organizations and then to organizations in the Greater Philadelphia-New Jersey-New York City region that address needs of aging adults in underserved communities.  Projects must advance equity, inclusion, and justice and reflect FFA values.

The recommended first step is to schedule a phone call with the FFA Director.

The next step is to send a one-page letter of intent by email.  Letters of intent can be sent at any time but must be received at least two weeks prior to the proposal deadlines (March 15 and September 15).

Letter of Intent outline:

  1. Amount of grant request.
  2. What is the problem you have identified? Who will be served?
  3. What is the solution you propose to address the problem?
  4. What actions will you take?
  5. Do you have other partners for implementation or funding?
  6. How will you know your actions are having an impact?
  7. Brief statement of organization history and competence for this project.

If your LOI is approved, you will be invited to submit a full proposal in the next grant cycle.  Please submit by email; there is no electronic form, but please respect the length limits listed in the guidelines– 5 pages (including budget). Submit together in one PDF.

 Click here for grant application guidelines

Proposed projects must reflect FFA values.  Click here for FFA Values

Communication:  You are welcome to call the Foundation at any time during the application process.  In fact, it is encouraged so we can work together toward a successful project. FFA may request a site visit, presentation to the board or invite further conversation during the grant period.  Our goal is to support your success. You may also send the proposal in advance of the deadline for some preliminary feedback.

Note to returning grantees: If you have previously received a grant from FFA, we know you.  You do not need to submit an LOI unless the proposal is for a significantly different project.  You may be invited to use the short reapplication form and do not need to attach 990 and IRS determination letters.  Click here for short reapplication form.

Key dates:

Proposals are due on September 15 and March 15.  Letters of intent at least two weeks before these dates.

Proposals are then distributed to the FFA board members so they are able to submit questions, which are emailed to the prospective grantee partners for responses and edits.  This process usually takes about 2 weeks.

Board meetings for granting are generally held mid-April and mid-October. Notification will be sent soon after the meeting.

Recent grants:


Barclay Friends$10,000Bus for off-campus trips
Friends House Retirement Community$38,777Montessori Lifestyle Silver Certification
Friends Services Alliance$35,000Leadership Institute & Internships
The Hickman$41,800Montessori Lifestyle Gold Certification
Jewish Family & Children's Services Phila.$20,000Hoarding Support Program
Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ$7300Gardens + Outdoor social space-Pennsauken senior housing
Meals on Wheels Mercer Co.$51,000fresh produce for seniors
New England Yearly Meeting$6707ARCH program
Rise$20,000AFUN fresh produce for seniors
Ujima Friends Peace Center$37,685With These Hands intergenerational sewing
Vonzella's Crown$4000Intergenerational art
Witness to Innocence$40,600Peer specialist support for exonerees


Friends Services Alliance$2000Symposium speaker
Friends House Retirement Community$35,000Montessori Lifestyle Program
Kendal at Home$35,000Virtual & In-person programming
Jewish Family & Children's Services Greater Philadelphia$30,000Hoarding support groups
Ujima Friends Peace Center$37,000With These Hands
Quaker Voluntary Service$18,000Fellowship in Aging Services
ARTZ Philadelphia$5000Mural
Witness to Innocence$35,000Peer Specialist-Seniors
National Church Residences$20,000Pastoral Care in Senior Housing
Barclay Friends$25,000Horticulture for residents, staff, neighbors
Black Doctors Consortium$10,000Covid-19 Vaccination and Education
Rise Hightstown$20,000Senior nutrition
Lutheran Social Ministries NJ$4450Mt Olive gardens
Pendle Hill$20,000Virtual programming
Woolman Hill$30,000Accessibility
Mercy LIFE West Philadelphia$22,825GrandPad pilot
New York Yearly Meeting$64,000ARCH pastoral care visitors and workshops
American Friends Service Committee$50,000Immigrant Rights social worker
ARTZPhiladelphia$25,000Arts in the Neighborhood
Trinitas Health$28,000Community Health Worker in Readmission Reduction program
Center in the Park$11,000Rainbow Connections-LGBTQ inclusion
Montgomery SAAC$20,000Virtual caregiver support groups in diverse communities
Friends Home & Village$15,000Senior Planet technology classes -Bucks Co.
Kindersmile Fdn$50,000Smiles for Seniors
Senior Community Services$15,000Caregiver support groups in diverse communities Del. Co.
Youth Service Opportunities Program$30,000CONNEX Intergenerational service
Philip Jaisohn Fdn$15,000Comprehensive Care Service model for Asian American seniors

2020 Innovation Mini Grants

ARTZPhiladelphia$1000ARTZ in the Hallway
Broadmead$1000Staff support group
Chandler Hall$1000Virtual Visits-Life Enrichment
Friends House Retirement Community$1000Magic Carts
The Hickman$1000Virtual Reality System
JFCS Philadelphia$1000Equipment for virtual hoarding support groups
Kendal-Crosslands$1000Staff appreciation/virtual cocktail hour
Kendal at Home$1000Weekly coffee hours
Lathrop $1000Virtual Country Store
Medford Leas$1000Birthday Cakes
Trinitas-Brother Bonaventure$1000Tablets for virtual visits


Barclay Friends$25,000Horticulture program
Chandler Hall$5000Emergency Heros Fund
Friends Home & Village$10,000Technology to connect 2 campuses
Friends Home Kennett$20,000Performance Arts with residents with dementia
Friends House Retirement Community$30,000Garden accessibility & programs
Friends House Retirement Community$2500Emergency technology for family communication
Friends Services Alliance$30,000Education & Training Materials on Quaker Communities
Jewish Family & Children's Services Phila. $30,000Hoarding support programs
National Church Residences$30,000Expansion of pastoral care program to PA
Ralston My Way$40,000Workforce Development
The Hickman$5000Emergency personal protective equipment
Trinitas Health$10,000Emergency protective equipment
Witness to Innocence$25,000Social services for aging exonorees
Trinitas Health$43,000Community Health Workers in Readmission Reduction program
New York Yearly Meeting$64,000ARCH pastoral care visitors and workshops
American Friends Service Committee$50,000Social worker in immigrant rights program
ARTZPhiladelphia$30,000Arts in the Neighborhood
Center in the Park$11,300Rainbow Connections-LGBTQ inclusion
Montco SAAC$5000Arts for people with dementia
Chandler Hall$3000Sensory stimulation for hospice and LTC


Pendle Hill$2100Sound system in Barn
Friends Home Kennett$20,000Performance arts with residents with dementia
Ralston My Way$50,000Add care coordination, expand service area for aging in place
Friends Services Alliance$7615Dementia Symposium
Trinitas Health Foundation$34,000Closing the medication gap
Jewish Family & Children's Services Phila.$30,000Hoarding Support Program
Friends General Conference$15,000Spiritual deepening e-retreat on aging
Friends Home & Village$40,000Feasibility study for new housing model
Quaker Voluntary Service $22,000Support 2 fellowship placements in aging services
Friends Southwest Burial Ground$20,000ADA accessible path and parking
New York Yearly Meeting ARCH$64,000Pastoral care volunteers for seniors
American Friends Service Committee$50,000Social work services for immigrant seniors
Friends Services Alliance$33,000Leadership Institute & internships
Quaker Senior Living Consortium$30,000Study of loneliness and isolation year 2
Jaisohn Foundation$30,000Service integration through LCSW
ARTZ Philadelphia$25,000Community-based dementia care arts program
Friendsview Retirement Community $61,000ESL Mentor for increasing stable workforce
Friends in the City$5000Written description of model


New York Yearly Meeting-ARCH
Volunteer pastoral care of aging adults and people with disabilities in NYYM-NY, NJ, CT
Friends Services for the Aging
Develop capable staff through Leadership Institute and Student Internships- US
Friends House Retirement Community
Aging Well With Friends, transportation and support - MD
American Friends Service Committee
Social service support for immigrant elders - NJ
Quaker Living Consortium
Study isolation and loneliness in senior living, test interventions - PA, NJ
Philip Jaisohn Foundation (Health services )
Develop Care Navigator services for Korean seniors-PA


New York Yearly Meeting-ARCH
Volunteer pastoral care of aging adults and people with disabilities in NYYM-NY, NJ, CT
Friends Services for the Aging
Develop capable staff through Leadership Institute and Student Internships- US
Ralston My Way
Affordable access to services for seniors to age in their homes - PA
Friends House in Kennett
Programs for residents with dementia -PA
Act Now Foundation
Expand bilingual community education on Alzheimer’s and Aging in Place - NJ
American Friends Service Committee
Social service support for immigrant elders - NJ
Trinitas Health Foundation
Extend Patient Safe & Sound program to aid frail elderly patients transition back to community
Friends Rehabilitation Project
Low income seniors and youth produce food through gardening PA
Friends LifeCare-Caring Friends
Dementia training for caregivers PA-NJ
Ujima Friends Peace Center
Intergenerational learning- PA
Concord Quarterly Meeting
ARCH visitor training -PA
Friends Center City- FitC
Improvements for social programs PA
Barclay Friends
Emergency funds after fire – PA
Jewish Family & Children’s Services
Hoarding Program - PA
Stand Up For Salem
Senior Community Garden Project-NJ
Friends General Conference
Spiritual Deepening e-Retreats
Friends Mindfulness Collaborative
Mindfulness for chronic pain management -PA
Community Education Center
Film on Medford Leas residents -NJ