Reporting on a Grant

Grantee partners are asked to make periodic reports to the Foundation. Mid-year conversations–replacing written reports– will be done by phone/zoom. You may also be asked to present to the board during the year or host a visit.  Let us know if you would rather have a conversation or present a brief video.

A final written report at the end of the grant using this form is expected no later than 12 months after receiving a grant (even if the program has run less than a year).  These questions echo the ones asked in the grant proposal and conversations, so you should be brief.  An organization wishing to be considered for subsequent year funding for the same project should use the Report & Reapplication Proposal form instead. All reports must include a budget including columns for prior year budget, prior year actual and (if requesting again) current proposal budget. Please include other sources of support for the project and what amount was from FFA. Please reach out if you have questions—