February 17, 2022


Welcome                                                                                                                5 min        Jim

Education session on Trust Based Philanthropy with Nancy Burd               110

Reading: Trust Based Philanthropy: An Overview

additional materials at trustbasedphilanthropy.org

BREAK                                                                                                                      10

Business meeting welcome- Jim                                                                          5

ED report                                                                                                                5-10           Susan

Grants – LOI from JCHC    and Camden Coalition                                      15-20          Susan

conversation summaries–read if interested (Rise, WTI, Barclay, Ujima, Friends House, JFCS, FSA    others as conducted) –general discussion  Added after meeting:National Church Residences, Pendle Hill, QVS,

Finance – summary of Finance meeting                                                           10              Eric

         P&L to budget, balance

Governance                                                                                                              5              Lisa

Executive Session- ED Evaluation                                                                       5              Jim

Consent: Minutes October 2021  and extra session                                          5              Jim