April 2024


Executive Director’s Report


Worksheet 2024 grant requests pdf

worksheet in excel


Hickman Q&A

Pendle Hill Q&A

Returning Quaker

Barclay Friends- (no new request) report + budget

FSA report + FSA application

FSA-Kendal Corp AIT program discussion/not for decision

Friends Home Kennett reapplication + use of funds +attachment

Friends House Retirement Community reapplication

Friendsview Retirement Community reapplication

Friends Village report + reapplication

The Hickman reapplication + budget

QVS reapplication

Pendle Hill reapplication

Ujima reapplication

Returning Non-Quaker

Center for Modern Aging (PSRC) reapplication

Center in the Park reapplication + budget; program budget

JFCS Phila reapplication

Kindersmile reapplication+ budget

Rise reapplication

Snipes Farm reapplication+ report

Witness to Innocence reapplication + budget

New (all non-Quaker)

CARIE application

Center for Hope Hospice reapplication

Harvest Family reapplication

Jewish Relief Agency reapplication

Finance Committee – Eric

Governance Committee – Lisa

Plan for May meeting

Feedback on shortened reports/applications/process

Approve February Minutes