May 2022

Quaker Convening May 10 7-9 pm Zoom

Participant organizations: Philadelphia YM, New York YM, New England YM, Baltimore YM, Pendle Hill, Friends General Conference

Here are some questions to get us started.  Please come prepared to present your organization on the first 5 questions (5 minutes each) before we open it up for interaction on the remaining two:

  • How does your organization serve aging Friends? Where does concern for aging Friends fall in your organizational structure?
  • Should aging be a separate concern or is it part of a continuum of care for our communities?
  • What does “care” include? Spiritual, financial, services, referrals?
  • What’s your greatest need? Worry? Resource?
  • If you had a magic wand, what would you do?
  • Gaps and overlaps
  • What is the next step for you individually and us as a group?
  • How could FFA help?

Annual Meeting May 17 7-9 pm


I.  Welcome- Jim

II. Executive Director Report – Susan

III. Discussion on Quaker Convening May 10 – what themes stood out, potential collaborations, greatest needs/top priorities, role for FFA?

IV. Deferred grants – Susan

V. Governance – Lisa

VI. Annual Corporate Meeting

VII. Finance – Eric

  • Recommendation regarding investments

VIII.  Consent agenda- approval of April minutes

Reports from Grantee Partners- read only